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This site has been designed to allow basic accessibility features. Details of these features are explained below.

Text Size

The text size is set to a moderate size which is neither too large nor too small, however some users may want to increase the size of the text. To change the size of text, please use the facility of your Browser which allows you to adjust the text size.

For 'Internet Explorer' users: Menu > View > Text Size > Larger | Largest (The option to reduce the text size is here also.)

For 'Firefox' users: Menu > View > Text Size > Increase (The option to reduce the text size is here also.)

Users of all other Browsers should consult the Browser documentation/help to determine the way to change the text size for that particular Browser.

Access Keys

You can access all the pages of this site without the use of a mouse, instead using Access Keys. The Access Keys for this site are in line with the recommended UK Government accesskeys standard.

Hence the Access Keys are:

1 - Home

2 - News

3 - Sitemap

5 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

9 - Contact Us

0 - Access key details (Accessibility)

t - Trial Summary

o - Overview

s - Trial Schema

e - Eligibility Criteria

m - Scientific Summary

p - Participating Institutions

g - Governance

c - Sponsor and Co-ordinationv

v - The Governing Committees

r - Regulatory and Ethical Review

i - Community Involvement

b - Publications and Presentations

l - Useful Links

a - Members Area

w - Webmaster

Please check your Browser's documentation/help for the correct procedure to use Access Keys with your Browser.